About Cubyn

Founded in 2014, Cubyn is a fulfillment company that promises a "cheaper, simpler, better" experience for growing ecommerce businesses. Their 800+ customers rely on Cubyn's same-day shipping guarantee.

Cubyn is headquartered in Paris, France with a warehouse in Gennevilliers.

Using Cubyn With Order Desk

Expand the number of sales channels your business can offer using the hundreds of services already integrated with Order Desk. Sell your products across multiple marketplaces and automatically import all of your orders into Order Desk, where they can be split and organized as needed before being sent to Cubyn for quick, reliable handling. As orders are shipped, Cubyn will send tracking information back to Order Desk, and from there it’ll be sent back into the original shopping cart to complete the process.


  • Pull inventory counts from Cubyn into Order Desk
  • Tell Cubyn individual products in bundles
  • Match shopping cart shipping method names to the methods Cubyn uses
  • Use rules to take action on orders that fail to submit to Cubyn
  • Look for canceled orders at Cubyn and take action on them in Order Desk
  • Cancel orders at Cubyn from Order Desk

Learn More

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To learn more about Cubyn, visit their website.