Because of you, we had another record breaking year! Let’s take a few moments to celebrate our (and your!) accomplishments from the last 12 months. Get your hot cocoa ready; we have a pun of info to cover.


  • 2—new team members at Order Desk (for a total of 7)
  • 19.5—average number of updates made per day to the app
  • 23—upgrades made to the Rule Builder
  • 215—new features added
  • 526—times we talked about ice cream
  • 17,405—number of customers we helped
  • 1,400,000—emails you sent to your customers through Order Desk
  • 9,504,778—number of orders your customers placed
  • $836,131,374.95—the revenue you made this year


We built 67 new integrations this year, bringing us to 250 total. We ho ho hope you’ve been finding them useful!



For some context, we typically get about 5 new integration requests each week, which means our team of 3 developers made a list, checked it twice, and released a new integration every 5 days, on average, this year.


It’s the most wonderful part of the app! We wanted our most important tool to be easier to use, so the Rule Builder got its first major overhaul in Order Desk history.


If you don’t need all of your orders in Order Desk, use the Inventory Location Filter (available in several integrations) to tell Order Desk who isn’t welcome at the party, pal.


Up on the housetop, click, click, click, duplicate your stores with this neat trick.


Do you hear that ring-ting-tingling too? Come on, it’s lovely weather for a barcode scanner-ing tool!


It seemed wise to add the ability to merge your orders together. Stay gold, Order Desk.


Inventory updates can be sent to any or all of your Order Desk stores from a jingle (sorry, single) source with the new store setting to Keep Inventory Synced with Other Stores.


Group your custom buttons together into a dropdown so your store can look a little neater. Keeping your store organized doesn’t need to be a bear, which is pretty good news if you ask us.


Yeah, we’re cringing at that pun too, but we’re excited about the domain we were destined to have. In 2019, we took over ownership of, which we’re sure was a stable decision.


You may know already that the team behind Order Desk lives all around the world. In January, we will be getting together again for a company retreat so we can discuss our plans for Order Desk in 2020.

It’s gonna be eight crazy (productive) nights from January 11th through the 18th together, so we will have limited support hours while we take advantage of the time we have together. Our normal support schedule will resume on Monday the 20th.


Thank you for spending another great year with us.

I hope you have a joyful holiday season and a punderful new year.



David Hollander

Founder of Order Desk