• 2 new team members joined Order Desk (that’s 5 total now)
  • 11,651 customers helped
  • 1,458 coffee breaks taken
  • 65 new integrations
  • 280 new features added
  • 28 rule builder upgrades
  • 639 ice cream mentions (no, really!)
  • 5,511,524 orders placed
  • $38,031,532,526.90 — your revenue this year*
  • $321,744,028.38 —​ your actual revenue this year**

*This is the total revenue of all orders in Order Desk during 2018.

**We noticed that several people had some pretty baller test items. After removing all high priced test orders, we still came up with a pretty impressive actual revenue number. Go you!

Our elfgineer and develfoper sleighed it this year and added 65 new integrations, bringing our selection to a total of 185 integrations. That’s basically a new integration every 5 days!

If you’ve been with us for more than a couple years, perhaps you remember when your integrations page looked more like this:

To compare, here’s that same page today:

With this many integrations, we had to create an integration search. Pudding it in has saved us a lot of scrolling!

We decorated the import template feature with several updates this year. The biggest changes are that it now supports native Excel files so you don’t have to convert your spreadsheets to CSV anymore. You can also now update existing orders with new information using the new modify order import template option. And if you need the same format in multiple templates, you can duplicate a template for a much faster and easier setup.

Email and receipt templates saw some big changes as well. Instead of sending yourself a real email to see what your email template looks like, you can now preview your template right in the app. Just drop in a real order number and instead of sending yourself the email, click the preview button for a much quicker look at how your code is working.

Also, while you’re working on that code in email and receipt templates, you can pull up a real order from your store and grab the code for all the details you have. Need a variation? Checkout data? Address? Select it from the Order Lookup and the code you need for your template will be added to your clipboard so you can paste it where you need it.

In addition to the 28 new rule builder events, conditions and actions that were added so you have even more options for automating your workflow, you can now copy rules between your stores to save yourself time with setting up a new store. Not only that, but adjusting rules is much easier now that you can rearrange the actions in a single rule instead of deleting and re-adding them. And have you heard about custom buttons yet? Instead of having a rule run on an event you may or may not have any control over, you can now run a rule just by clicking a button.

We saved the best for last…

?Pa Rum Pun Pun Pun ?

Rules have always acted on orders only.  Over the last couple years we’ve heard you asking for a way to take action on items too. This was easily our most requested feature by almost everyone on our nice list, so we made it happen.

If you haven’t seen this yet, go check out your rule builder today to see all the new options available to you.

(Didn’t know about that one? We dropped this surprise Secret Santa gift on social media.)

Thank you for making this the most amazing year yet! We plan to continue growing and improving Order Desk in 2019, and we hope yule be right there with us as we do.

On behalf of myself and the Order Desk team, have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year,

Founder of Order Desk