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About The Dream Junction

What began as an industrial screen printer for California based artists and musicians has since evolved into a high-end, 100% digital print on demand operation.

Its locations in Santa Ana, California and Hebron, Kentucky help orders reach customers throughout the continental United States in two days.

Using Order Desk With The Dream Junction

Expand the number of sales channels your business can offer with Order Desk’s hundreds of integrated services. Sell your products across multiple marketplaces and automatically import all of your orders into Order Desk, where they can be split and organized as needed before being sent to The Dream Junction for quick, reliable handling. As orders are shipped, The Dream Junction will send tracking information back to Order Desk, and from there, it’ll be sent back into the original shopping cart to complete the process.


  • Set a default return address on all the orders you send to The Dream Junction
  • Include the customer's email address in the order details that you send to The Dream Junction
  • Option to provide your own garments for Dream Junction to use for printing
  • Set up the same item to be submitted to Dream Junction and another printer
  • Skip certain SKUs from being sent to Dream Junction
  • Specify which orders get sent to Dream Junction
  • Automatically take action on orders that fail to submit to Dream Junction
  • Indicate the production priority for your order when submitting it to Dream Junction; whether normal or express
  • Insert a custom image in your orders
  • Include order notes in your order

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To learn more about The Dream Junction, visit their website.